Wednesday, 21 September 2016


With usage of Cryptocurrencies increasing day by day, blockchain technology is developing. It is being used in different innovative ways.
Now, ICONOMI introduces Blockchain based investment website.

Recently, on 25 August 2016, ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) was started. The ICO received a huge response from all over the world. Only in 2-3 days time  2000 BTC were invested in ICO.

ICONOMI is a decentralised economy which gives us the opportunity to earn high profits from investments.

The decentralised here means that the operations of company would be transparent and investors could also play a role in building it.

ICO - 25 August to 29 September 2016

As I stated earlier, ICO for ICONOMI is running.
You can invest in the ICO on the website ( ).
The accepted currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, USD and Euro. You also have an option to use Shapeshift (website which interconverts the cryptocurrencies).

When you make investment in ICO you would be issued its own Crypto currency ICN. A total of 100 million ICNs would exist. It if which 85 million would be distributed in ICO. 2 Million of ICNs are reserved for Bounties.

So, what does each ICN represent?

Each ICN would represent you share in the company. For example, if you own 1% of total ICNs are holding 1 % ownership of the company.
You would receive periodic dividends proportional to your ICNs.
You can also exchange ICN with other currencies. The exchanges will soon be set up after official launch.

How safe is it?

ICONOMI is powered by Cashila ( popular exchange exchange website for fiat and crypto currencies).
ICONOMI has a quick support system and is active on social media.

Coming to the returns...

Investing 1 BTC gives about 8800 ICNs ( will change with number of investors and exchange rates).
According to me, Price of ICNs would increase significantly till the end of year.
However, holding them for some years would ensure higher returns.


You can claim Bounties before ICO ends through the following ways-
1. Bitcointalk Signature Campaign
2. Twitter and Facebook Campaign
3. Blog Posts

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