Sunday, 20 November 2016

ARK - Smartbridge Technology (ICO Over Now)

For bringing crypto to mainstream, ARK has brought up a very innovative idea.

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There are many hundreds of crypto currencies. So why should stay divided. With Smartbridge Technology, we can unite all the cryptocurrency users under a common ARK Ecosystem.
Remember, 'Together we stand, Divided we Fall'.
It would be easier to show the power of blockchain if all the users are on a common platform.


What can Smartbridge Do?

Smartbridge can theoretically, communicate with different blockchains and instruct them to perform specific functions.

Let's take an example,

I want to buy a car from a car dealer. I have to make a payment of $30,000 for it.

I have got accounts on different cryptocurrencies. I have $10,000 worth Bitcoin in one Bitcoin wallet, $20,000 worth of Ethereum and $ 10,000 worth of Lisk.

You don't have to go to each crypto wallet to check the balance and arrange 50k from different wallets.

I go to ARK app in your mobile. And instruct ARK to make a payment of $ 50,000 to a particular ark account.

You can set a strategy of payments of money like first Bitcoins are used up, then Lisk, and then Ethereum.

 So, the payment is made in different cryptocurrencies to the car dealer (wallets of Lisk, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc would be linked to the ark address)

Mechanism of payment-

I login to ark wallet and enter amount and ARK address of car dealer.

ARK blockchain makes a query for the car dealer's ark account.

My ARK wallet receives Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk addresses and makes the payment.

Car dealer's accounts shows the sum of amounts received.

I Drive the car home ...

Note: Here, I have discussed the possible use of Smartbridge Technology of ARK. This application of it is not developed yet.
There can be many applications of Smartbridge Technology.
I have suggested implementation of this type of use of Smartbridge to them on their forum.

Like the Idea, Invest in it Now

  Ark is running an ICO where you can invest your crypto and participate in the future of crypto technology.

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