Sunday, 20 November 2016

eGaaS - The future of eGovernance

From decades, the Governments are spending a lot of money on accounting, auditing, income tax department, etc.

The time has come to reform this sector.  eGaaS has come up with an idea which would be using blockchain technology for electronic Governance.

Blockchain technology is being admired by everyone. Blockchain, in recent times is gaining popularity. Different people are coming up with different ideas to reform the world with blockchain tech.

eGaaS (Electronic Governance as a Service) is bringing the blockchain technology to Governance sector.

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1. It can be used by Governments for easy electronic Governance.

2. It can be used to create Stock Exchanges, payment systems and credit organisations.

3. It has got a big application in Medical Sector. Medical reports could be stored on blockchain and at the same time keeping the data secure.

4. It would be useful for businesses. Businesses spend lots on money in management of sales, taxes,etc. It they use eGaaS, these costs would reduce to less than half of it.


ICO (Initial Coin Distribution) of eGaaS

eGaaS is running an ICO for it. ICO has already started on 15 November and is ending on 15 December.

A total of 100 EGS (token given in ICO) would exist. Out of which 35 million go to investors, team and future employees  The rest 65 million would be distributed in ICOs in several stages.

In the current stage of ICO 5.9 million EGS are being sold.

Bonuses- The Early You Invest, More You Get

Take a Look at the bonuses according to the week you invest,

1st week- bonus 60% - 1 EGS = 0.00010667 BTC
2nd week- bonus 10% - 1 EGS = 0.00014545 BTC
3rd week- bonus 5% - 1 EGS = 0.00014545 BTC
4rd week- No bonus -  1 EGS = 0.00016000 BTC

Invest now, to take the advantage of the bonuses.

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