Sunday, 20 November 2016

Wings- Where DAO Unicorns Are Born

You may have heard about DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and how one of the biggest hacks brought it down. It was the reason the split of Ethereum into Ethereum (hardforked) and Ethereum Classic ( not forked).
Wings DAO now aims to bring up the same concept of DAO, learning from the mistakes done in the original one.

What is Wings ?

Here's a quick video to make it easy to understand-

Wings itself would be a Decentralised Organisation.
Wings aims to take DAOs to another level.

Anyone cam launch their own DAOs on Wings Platform.

The key benefits, from DAO owner's point of view are -

1. You can launch DAO without any coding knowledge and blockchain knowledge.

2. Get feedback from the community to get followers and increase the success rate of your project.

3. Wings would provide the complete framework for establishing a DAO.

4. Advanced features like chatbots, to make it simpler to communicate to users.

Where do you see Wings after an year?

"In one year we would like to see several successful DAOs using WINGS, and expanding the crypto-community to that 100,000s of people who enjoy funding and getting involved in projects like we see people doing with other donation-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo; the difference being is that projects using WINGS get access to DAO technology and participants can play a more active role in seeing projects succeed."
-DominikZynis, WINGS Marketing Advisor

ICO - Distribution of Wings Tokens

Wings would be creating 100 million Wing Tokens. 75 million of which would be distributed through a donation based campaign. And rest 25 million for Team, Advisors, Bounties, etc.

The campaign was started on 18 th November. It raised more than 1,000 Bitcoin in a day. It would be end on 6 January 2017 or before if maximum investment cap ( 30,000 Bitcoin) is reached.

Project Milestones


Early birds would receive bonuses according to the day they invest.

Bonus structure is as follows-

First Day +20 %
Next ten days +15%
Next 28 days +10%
After that, it would decrease percent per day
40 th Day +9%
39 th Day +8%

49 th Day 0%

Other than that, you would receive an extra bonus of 10% if you invest in the first 10,000 Bitcoins invested.

So, if you invest today, you would get a bonus of +25%

Benefits Of Investing in Wings?

1. For each DAO created on you would receive a part of DAO tokens created.
You would receive a share of the revenue generated by Wings in launching each DAO.
Atleast 2 of DAOs are launching January 2017 only. Which ensures returns just after the donation campaign is closed.

2. You have the Power- You can vote on DAO proposals, provide feedback and decide if the DAO gets listed on Wings. Note that your voting power is proportional to the tokens you own.

How to Invest ?

Sign up at 
 And invest your desired amount there.
You can invest Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Ripple.
If you want to invest any other crypto, you can use Shapeshift service.


The team is well experienced and respected in blockchain community. Wings has an actively updated Twitter handle.
It has also announced partnerships with RSK and Antshares.

Remember, the early you invest, the more bonus you get.
Invest now in Wings, be a part of the DAO revolution.

As of 20 November 2016, 4 PM UTC, 1342 Bitcoin equivalent crypto has been invested in Wings Campaign.

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