Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The market of Cryptocurrency is growing day by day.
 But still, why isn't Cryptocurrency widely used to pay salaries and make basic transactions? The culprit is it's infamous volatility. This makes it essential to have a Stable cryptocurrency. And this can lead to wider adoption of cryptocurrency. Recently, we saw the demand of stable currency in form of USDT (Tether).
But still it's not completely non volatile. Due to inflation and other reasons, value of currency changes. So what's the solution ? Solution is Chronobank.


Chronobank would be launching LH (Labour Hours) cryptocurrency. It would not be pegged to USD but to the average hourly income of a country. It would not be limited just to USA but will also exist in other parts of world like EU, Australia and UK. Each country having it's own LH with different value. For example, Australia would have LHAU which would have a value of 37.9 Australian Dollars (Value will change as average wages of country changes). Chronobank would be used by companies to pay its employees salary. Employees would get a Debit Cards which would guarantee instant liquidation of LH to Fiat currencies.

Short Explanatory Video of Chronobank

 Demand arises from... 

  1. Big Companies that would use LH to pay its employees.
  2. Cryptocurrency users looking for a stable currencies. 
  3. Freelancing sites that can pay in LH instead of volatile currencies like Bitcoin.
  4. People looking for long term investment with least risk.

 There has already been some agreements with some big companies that would be using Chronobank, which includes -

  •  Anderson Recruitment and Training Pty Ltd 
  •  Host Group/Host Labour Hire 
  •  AES Labour Hire Pty Ltd 
  •  Edway Labour Hire 

Want to be a part of this change ?

Invest in their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which would also enable you to receive dividends from the profits of Chronobank.
You can see an analysis of profits in my article - https://medium.com/@58f276e87e2b/98c4d1fd8e0b

 Chronobank Website - https://chronobank.io